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On this day in 2012, the Cardinals won the first NL Wild Card Elimination Game - A Hunt and Peck

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Tensions were high, infield flies were hit, and garbage was thrown!

Wild Card Game - St Louis Cardinals v Atlanta Braves Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

If you ever wanted to watch a game where the stakes were high, controversy was abound, and trash was thrown, have I got the game for you. Let us go back to October 5, 2012. A simpler time. A more beautiful time. The Cardinals were in the Postseason, playing against the Atlanta Braves for their right to continue on in the playoffs. What happened next would go down in history.

Matt Holliday was right in the middle of this. But no need to panic, for he was not at all worried.

Shoutout to VEB commentor Michael_68_1999 for posting this for me years ago!

I miss Matt Holliday.

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