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A Cardinals fan’s guide on who to root for in the postseason - A Hunt and Peck

I am here to help.

Tampa Bay Rays v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

So our Cardinals did not make the postseason this year. It is terrible and bad, but baseball goes on. Here is your guide on who to root for, based on my personal feelings and really nothing else!

#10 The Chicago Cubs

Aww, would you look at that?

#9 The Boston Red Sox

I hate that team.

#8 The New York Yankees

They are the Yankees, you cannot really root for them unless they are playing the Red Sox.

#7 The Milwaukee Brewers

There is honestly something compelling about the Brewers. In the offseason they tried and that should be rewarded. But they are division rivals, so they cannot go any higher in this list.

#6 The Los Angeles Dodgers

Another big market team with a big market payroll, yadda, yadda, yadda. Yeah, Clayton Kershaw in on this team. So is David Freese. This is more an indication of the other options than a slight against the Dodgers.

#5 The Atlanta Braves

They are young and fun, but the tomahawk chop should die a fiery death sooo here we are.

#4 The Houston Astros

They are probably the best team in the playoffs and there is something to be said about rooting for the best team to win. They also just won last year. While back-to-back wins would be fun, it also could be overkill. Save some World Series for the rest of the teams, Astros.

#3 The Colorado Rockies

They are probably the weakest team left, but that makes for a nice underdog story. They also knocked out the Cubs and for that we are grateful. Also Matt Holliday.

#2 The Cleveland Indians

It would just be nice for them to win one!

EDIT: I forgot about Chief Wahoo. I am switching them with the Rockies to be #3.

#1 The Oakland Athletics

It is the year of 2018 Anno Domini and Edwin Jackson is on a postseason roster. Former Cardinal Stephen Piscotty is also on the Athletics. The Athletics have the dopest uniforms of the teams remaining. They have the lowest payroll of the teams remaining. They play in the worst stadium. They have earned my vote.

What are your rooting interests this October?

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