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Adam Wainwright is not technically signed yet - A Hunt and Peck

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We might have jumped the gun on this one.

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Remember when we all thought Adam Wainwright had signed an incentive-laden contract to make him a Cardinal for 2019? Well not quite. Via the Associated Press:

Under baseball’s labor contract, his guaranteed salary could not be reduced by more than 20 percent if he remains on the roster continuously.

So yeah. Adam Wainwright’s contract in 2018 was $19.5 million. 80% of that is $15.6 million. That is not the new low-base contract Waino and the Cardinals had agreed to. So what does this mean?

Basically, Adam Wainwright will have to become a free agent, then he can sign the deal. That is it. Effectively, the deal is done, though I suppose both parties could possibly change their minds at some point and still get out of it, thought that seems quite unlikely.

In 2019 Adam Wainwright will almost certainly be a Cardinal. It just is not official yet.

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