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Scott Rolen was really h*cking good at baseball and should be a Hall of Famer - A Hunt and Peck

A jack-of-all-trades, if you will, but like, great at all trades.

There are very few certainties in this world:
Scott Rolen was a great baseball player.

Now the Hall of Fame is a tricky thing. There are “Big Hall” folks and “Small Hall” folks. And then there are people like me that are “it probably should have been a Small Hall, unless you just want to make it a museum and that is cool, but since it is not we have to stay consistent with the criteria we have established”. That does not quite roll off the tongue, though, so among us friends here we can just say I am in favor of a Big Hall. This is important because it is crucial to what I have to say next.

Scott Rolen is an obvious Hall of Fame third baseman and I will prove it to you.

Scott Rolen’s overall value is that of a Hall of Famer

The general rule of thumb for serious Hall of Fame consideration appears to be players that have accumulated around 60 wins above replacement or more. An average player is assumed to amass 2 wins above replacement in a full season. It would take an average player thirty years to reach 60 wins. According to a New York Times article from 2007, the average baseball player’s career is 5.6 years. I tell you this to put into context how difficult 60 WAR is to reach. It is really dang tough.

Baseball Reference puts Scott Rolen at 70 WAR, Fangraphs has him at 70.1 in a sixteen season career spanning from 1996 to 2012.

Scott Rolen’s peak years are that of a Hall of Famer

He did not just amass value in a sixteen-year career (that was plagued by injuries towards the end). During his peak years, Rolen put up big numbers. Here are is fWAR totals from age 22 to 31:

Scott Rolen is the tenth most valuable third baseman in baseball history

According the Baseball Hall of Fame website, there are currently 16 third baseman in the Hall of Fame. Here are the top twenty third baseman of all time, plus most of the Hall of Fame third baseman that fall out of the top twenty... plus Troy Glaus.

The other non-Hall of Famers in the top ten are Alex Rodriguez, who is not yet eligible and also has PED... uh issues, Chipper Jones, who will almost certainly be elected this year, and Adrian Beltre, a current player destined for the Hall.

Scott Rolen has the hardware

His accolades include eight Gold Gloves and one Silver Slugger. He was also a seven time All Star, the NL Rookie of the Year in 1997, and appeared in two World Series, the cancelled 2004 World Series and the 2006 Series, of which he was a winner.

Scott Rolen was brilliant defensively

According to Fangraphs defensive measures, Scott Rolen was the fifth best defensive third baseman ever. I could keep talking about it, but instead, I’ll just show you.

Scott Rolen sprinted around the bases after hitting a home run

So, maybe this point is a little weak, but it is still dope.

And those, folks, are just some reasons why Scott Rolen should be a Hall of Famer. If I have yet to convince you, fine, you are entitled to your opinion. Your opinion is garbage and you should get out of my sight, but you are entitled to it.

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