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Carlos Martínez provides assistance to teen battling leukemia - A Hunt and Peck

A family looks for help and Carlos Martínez was there.

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Normally this weekly segment focuses on the fun-loving, goofy side of the personality of Carlos Martínez. Today, it focuses on something more serious.

The story starts with brother and sister Emil and Camille Fernandez from the town of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. In 2015 Camille had been diagnosed with a type of blood cancer called myelogenous luekemia. After going into remission, her cancer returned in August of 2017. She was told it was untreatable and she would not live much longer. Looking for help, her family wrote letters to hospitals and groups in the United States and in the Dominican. That was when they found Carlos Martínez and his foundation. According to Jose de Jesus Ortiz of the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

Former Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols’ foundation and Martinez’s Tsunami Waves Foundation had brought a group of St. Louis doctors and dentists to Puerto Plata on a medical mission trip...

As has usually been the case, they mostly saw patients with skin diseases such as scabies, eczema and other illnesses that are treated with antibiotics, lotions and creams....

Camille’s case is dramatically more complicated. She wasn’t expected to live beyond two months without more medical care. The mission trip was almost over when Camille’s mother, Leonor Estrella, made a plea to Martinez’s mother in-law, Rosi Amparo Quesada, who told Martinez’s wife about Camille’s battle.

Ortiz continues in his article to describe how Laura Rivas - Carlos Martínez’s wife - along with Tsunami Waves foundation director Marisa Diaz and Dr. Rob Hanson worked to secure medical travel visas for Camille and her family and also lobbied with Mercy and St. Louis Children’s Hospital to donate free care.

While a cure is by no means certain, Carlos and Laura have done all they can to give Camille a fighting chance:

“I never had a situation similar to this, but I know what it feels to not have a father when you need one to help you,” Martinez said. “I’m a father now. In my heart I think we must help and be united. You wouldn’t want to see your son suffer so much. I don’t want to see her die.

Read the entire story from the Post Dispatch here.

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