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Marcell Ozuna is the best left fielder in baseball right now - A Hunt and Peck

According to MLB Network...

Miami Marlins v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

MLB Network just unveiled its list of top left fielders right now. Cardinals fans will be happy to see Marcell Ozuna at the very top of that list for both The Shredder and’s Mike Petriello. According to Petriello:

Over the past three seasons, Ozuna has shown elite exit velocity (91 mph, 12th-best of all hitters with 1,000 plate appearances), and he’s a strong defender, too. The year you just saw was the one we’ve been waiting on for some time, and he’s only 27 years old. Due to the upside here, he’s our No. 1 left fielder.

Good thing that Cardinals have him, right?!

Let us celebrate by watching some Marcell Ozuna highlights!

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