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Adam Wainwright, Luke Weaver, and Big League Impact visit the Dominican Republic and Haiti - A Hunt and Peck

The foundation provided clean water and medical facilities to the areas.

We were told this ball went 550 feet and I see no reason to think it did not.
Big League Impact

Last February Adam Wainwright and Luke Weaver along with Wainwright’s foundation, Big League Impact, took a trip to Haiti. Donations to Big League Impact went towards a new water system in the Haitian city of Balan. As of May 25, 2017 that system had provided clean water to over 6,000 people.

Big League Impact reached out to Viva El Birdos a few weeks ago about their next trip to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Here are some photos from that trip!

The pouring rain could not stop Adam Wainwright from speaking to some young baseball players in the Dominican Republic.
Big League Impact
Luke Weaver delivers some candy to children in the Dominican Republic.
Big League Impact
Luke Weaver takes in the beauty of Balan, Haiti.
Big League Impact

Remember that water system from Wainwright’s visit back in 2017? Here it is now, providing clean drinking water to thousands each day!

The Big League Impact team stops for a photo in front of the water project the foundation funded in Balan, Haiti.
Big League Impact

In addition to the water system, Big League Impact also helped fund a medical clinic in Haiti. According to Big League Impact it serves 60-100 people per day.

The clinic in Haiti Big League Impact helped fund (thanks to contributions from donors).
Big League Impact
The emergency room next door to the clinic. It is the only one for twenty five miles (a 90-minute trip)!
Big League Impact
Adam Wainwright and his family, along with a physician from the clinic, take a photo in front of the clinic Big League Impact helped fund.
Big League Impact

It is apparent that Adam Wainwright and Big League Impact are doing great things! To learn more about the foundation or to donate to the foundation directly, please visit! A special thanks to Big League Impact for reaching out to us with these beautiful photos!

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