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Will Giancarlo Stanton hit 62 home runs? - A Hunt and Peck

He is currently on Roger Maris’ 1961 home run pace

MLB: Miami Marlins at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

According to Baseball Reference, Giancarlo Stanton is currently on pace to hit 61 home runs in 2017. For those in the know about baseball records, that would tie him with Roger Maris, whose 1961 season total of 61 dingers puts him at number seven on the list, behind only Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, and Barry Bonds. Many baseball fans are aware of the allegations that have caused these three players records to be questioned. Some even go further to not acknowledge these records at all, calling Roger Maris the true home run leader. While the ethical question of the use of performance enhancing drugs diminishes the feats of these athletes is a part of a interesting and worthy discourse, the fact remains the record was broken. Records are context-less. That is the whole point. It is why as humans advance they continue to fall and be created anew. The fact that Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs in 2001 does nothing to diminish the fact that Roger Maris hit 61 in 1961. It is just a cool fact to show off at parties. Or not.

So, with that being said, Giancarlo Stanton is on pace to hit 61 homers in 2017. Would that give him the home run record? No, but it would be the most home runs someone has hit since 2001. And that would be pretty darn cool.

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