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On this day in 2016, Aledmys Diaz hit a grand slam - A Hunt and Peck

it was beautiful

Cincinnati Reds v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Baseball is often frustrating. That is part of the beauty of the game. It will break your heart 70% of the time and that is if you are lucky. Yet, we endure, the players endure, because that is the game. The game is about the going.

While heartbreak is a natural part of baseball, we never expect it to bleed over into our actual lives. That is another wonderful part of the game. It is a way to feel, to suffer, to soothe, without actually having anything at stake. That is not always the case sometimes. Sometimes we are reminded just how real baseball is.

On September 25, 2016 José Fernández, one of baseball’s brightest stars, made a choice that cost him and two of his friends their lives. It was a great tragedy felt throughout baseball and beyond. To Cardinals infielder Aledmys Díaz, José was more that a competitor, he was a close friend. Aledmys took time away from the game to attend his friend’s memorial service. In his first game back he did this:

There are many times when baseball is beautiful, but very few when it is profound.

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