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The Cardinals have a 23.1% chance to make the playoffs - A Hunt and Peck

Per Fangrpahs...

World Series Game 5: Detroit Tigers v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Never tell me the odds! Except for actually do tell me the odds because I have a natural curiosity and cannot help myself. So, with that being said, I find myself checking the Fangraphs playoff odds for the Cardinals with nearly each passing day hoping they get just a little bit higher. It is a bit of a cruel thing to do to myself, I know, but I just have to know what the odds are, even if I am just going to discount them later.

The Cardinals have a 23.1% chance to make the playoffs.

They have a 17.2% chance to win the National League Central Division.

They have a 5.8% chance to earn a Wild Card spot.

There is a 1.3% chance the Cardinals win the World Series, according to Fangraphs.

It is not great, but not terrible. Settle in for a mad dash to the end of the season.

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