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Where is the Rally Kitten? - A Hunt and Peck

Have you seen this kitten?

The Saga of the Rally Kitten has truly been a roller coaster of emotion. You may remember the second prior to Yadier Molina hitting a go-ahead grand slam Wednesday night, a very adorable, but feral, kitten ran onto the field. The kitten's brave dash has earned it acclaim and the honored distinction as The Rally Cat (though, it really is a kitten, guys). In case you have forgotten, here it is again:

Such a daring creature deserves a loving home, yes? Well, the whereabouts of the kitten are unknown. According the grounds crew member that wrangled the kitten, he last saw it outside the stadium where he released it and sought medical attention. From there, the story of the kitten gets fuzzier.

What we do know it that multiple sources claim a woman claimed the kitten and was seen leaving the stadium with it. According the woman, the cat jumped from her arms and fled into CityGarden. That was the last place the Rally Kitten was seen.

After all this, the real question is becoming more clear to me: Did the Rally Kitten even exist in the first place? Now, I know it is difficult to believe that this many people would imagine a fictitious feline. We all saw the kitten - it was there. But what if stranger forces are at work here? What if, its purpose fulfilled, the kitten returned to its rightful place - like through a wardrobe to Narnia-like land? Look, it is not my place to question the mystical forces behind baseball. I am merely here to appreciate them, and send my thanks.

So Rally Kitten, if you are out there, thank you. Not for inspiring the Cardinals, but for inspiring the fan base. We needed you.

But what is this? A break in the case?

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