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Get to know Carlos Martínez - A Hunt and Peck

The Cardinals pitcher wrote about his life in a feature for

Los Angeles Dodgers v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Carlos Martínez has always been an open and honest individual. Never one to hide his enthusiasm, Carlos is always willing to share his story. His forthcoming nature is displayed in a recent feature with called Carlos Martinez: Me in Real Life.

In the feature Carlos discusses how his life was almost very different:

Believe it or not, I was almost a member of the Red Sox, and I came close to becoming a priest...

I actually studied to become a priest for four years. I eventually realized priesthood wasn't the right vocation for me but I learned a lot during that period.

He also mentions how he was almost a member of the Boston Red Sox:

The Red Sox gave me my first opportunity, but they weren't sure about my age... The mix-up was cleared up, the Cardinals gave me a chance and the rest is history. I am who I am today because of them. For me, it's God, family and then the Cardinals.

But the most heart-breaking, moving part of Carlos’s story is when he writes about the tragic passing of his friends, Oscar Taveras, Yordano Ventura, Jose Fernandez and Andy Marte. Carlos, at 25 years old, has experienced more loss and hardship than many twice his age. And yet, somehow through it all, is able to appreciate life and have fun:

Enjoying this game is important, especially on the day I pitch. I try to be relaxed and interact with my teammates as much as possible... you must enjoy life. It can be taken away at any moment.

I know this experience first-hand. When Oscar Taveras died, I lost a brother, a friend. It was almost like losing a twin... life has taught me that you can remember the good things... So, when I am asked about my friends who have died, and you see me smile, it's because I am thinking of the joy we shared.

The entire article is incredibly genuine and moving. Carlos goes on to mention his friends and teammates Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright and how they have taken on father-figure roles in his life. He also discusses his foundation, Tsunami Waves, of which he is very proud:

I created my Tsunami Waves Foundation to help out those in need. We provide meals, clothing, baseball equipment and school supplies. We take doctors and dentists to the Dominican. We are creating scholarships.

Carlos Martínez is always looking to give back and provide others the resources and opportunities that were not afforded to him. His drive on the baseball field is only matched by his drive to help others. I am so happy his a member of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Be sure to check out the entire article here:

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