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Albert Pujols hit his 600th home run - A Hunt and Peck

a bitter-sweet moment for Cardinals fans

St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets

If you are like me, you have not really been following Albert Pujols’ career very closely, but occasionally you will hear some news about him and begin to give him more of your attention. It is kind of like when some news about someone you have fallen out of touch with enters into your life - an old friend, former classmate, maybe even an ex -, so you look into the person’s social media accounts - you know, to see what he or she is up to. You are not truly invested into what you may see on the surface, but the curiosity is there so you merely give into it. Maybe you are reminded of some happy memories or maybe you feel nothing at all. Either way, life continues on.

Albert Pujols hitting 600 home runs was practically an inevitability - not an "if", but a "when". Whether he accomplished this feat or not really had no effect on my life or even my favorite baseball team at all. But I still had to see if he did it - our shared history made that urge impossible to deny. And to be honest, I wanted him to succeed, to be a part of history.

Albert Pujols used to play for the Cardinals. He has hit 600 home runs. While I know I will always be slightly disappointed that it did not - could not - work out for him to wear the Birds on the Bat when he did it, I am still proud all the same.

Oh and he did it with a grand slam because of course he did. He is Albert Pujols.

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