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What (or who) is responsible for the home run spike? - A Hunt and Peck Fanfiction

A man on mission, perhaps?

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A dark alleyway.

A cloaked figure stood between the outer walls of two buildings, his form barely visible from the shadows creeping around him created by the flickering streetlight from the nearby corner. A man in a trench coat appeared under the light, illuminated by the golden hue. He popped the collar of his coat up so his neck was completely covered, attempting to shield himself from the soggy drizzle the refused to let up.

The figured waited, content to watch the man pace under the streetlight. Finally he spoke.

"Do not move," the man in the alleyway said, his voice hushed and gravelly.

The man on the sidewalk froze where he stood, his hand unmoving from it’s place atop his head where he adjusted his fedora.

"Do not act so surprised to hear from me. You called this meeting, did you not?" the gravelly voice continued.

"Look," the other man answered, trying to hide the quake in his voice, "I never asked for this. I just wanted to give people a more exciting game."

"I did what you asked. The game is more exciting now. What more do you want?"

"Don’t you see? Home runs are being hit left and right... and even deep center. It is not right!"

"So what?"

"So what?" the man adjusted his fedora again, "So what is that people have noticed. The home run per fly ball rate is over 17.5% this year. Seventeen point five! I’ve got veterans coming out of the woodwork telling the press something is off. They know what we did."

"They know what you did," the figure answered smugly.

"Now wait a minute, fella -"

"You wanted me to be invisible. I was invisible. You wanted more excitement. You have more home runs. As far as the world is concerned, I do not exist and our deal is done, Robert."

"I never asked you to juice the baseballs, dammit!"

But there was no response from the alleyway. The cloaked figure had gone, disappeared into the night. Rob Manfred was left alone on a street corner, the only noise the pitter-patter of raindrops slapping the pavement.

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