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Carlos Martínez makes new friends at Six Flags - A Hunt and Peck

Love him.


Carlos Martínez is known, particularly around these parts of the Internets, for his fun-loving, joyful spirit. After personally witnessing him in action at several charity events, it is of this writer’s opinion that Carlos is a genuine, kind, and caring person. On his off days, he chooses to spend time helping others and makes sure to talk to everyone that seeks him out. He is completely earnest in his mission to help other people and it is inspiring and heart-warming. In his latest example of do-goodery, Carlos invited some fellow Dominicans he has met at Six Flags to Busch Stadium. According the Fox Sports Midwest broadcast, Martínez overheard a Dominican accent while waiting in line for pizza and struck up a conversation with the group. This eventually led to the pitcher inviting the group to a baseball game.

Is he not just, like, the best?

Carlos Martinez invited the St. Louis Six Flags cleaning crew to hang with him at Busch Stadium |

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