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The Cardinals need to stop losing baseball games - A Hunt and Peck

I have a plan.

The St. Louis Cardinal sit at thirty four wins and forty losses - five games back of the division-leading [squints] Milwaukee Brewers, which is a comfortable fourth place in the division. The Wild Card slips further and further out of reach, but the division could be the team’s ticket into the postseason despite the team’s lackluster record to date. If the Cardinals are going to make a run at the division things will have to change, however. They will have to do something a little bit different than what they have been doing. And I know just what they should do.

They need to stop losing games.

Hear me out. I know, it seems crazy, but maybe, just maybe, it could work. See, if they stop losing games, then that means they will win games and if they win games, their record will get better and who knows? Maybe they will have more wins than every other National League team in the Central* region of the United States. I recommend implementing this plan, like right now, though.

No, no, you do not have to thanks me. The fact that I was able to help my favorite team with my brilliant ideas is payment enough.

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