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Yadier Molina is an impressive baseball figure - A Hunt and Peck

According the Phillies rookie Cameron Perkins...

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Yadier Molina is in the decline phase of his career. This does not mean he is not a valuable player or even a good a player, just that his days of peak baseball performance are in the past. It is not a bad thing. It is just the way time and aging works. In fact, as far as declines go, Yadi seems to be resisting as much as possible. He is a thirty-four year old catcher with nearly 14,000 innings played, for crying out loud.

This decline, though, seems to have made people turn on Molina a bit. While yes, he is not the player he once was, he still once was that player. And that player was incredibly good - and has been around for a long time. 14,000 innings. 13,753 and two-thirds to be exact, and 500 already this year and is still playing at an average level. It is impressive. So impressive, that a Phillies rookie might have accidentally called him "sir". Per Teddy Bailey of The Philadelphia Inquirer:

"Getting to hit up there and Yadi telling me congratulations," [Cameron] Perkins said after the 8-1 loss, "I couldn’t think of a better catcher that I grew up looking up to. I think I called him ‘sir’ by accident, I was pretty locked in at the time. Did I really just say ‘sir’ to Yadier Molina? It was definitely one of my top life moments."

To some, Yadier Molina may be the Cardinals aging backstop, but to others he is one of baseball’s great heroes. That is pretty cool.

Cameron Perkins debuts with Phillies and savors the moment | The Philadelphia Inquirer

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