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The Tommy Pham quotes in Bob Nightengale’s article are inspiring (and fire) - A Hunt and Peck

Tommy Pham holds nothing back in this interview with Bob Nightengale

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On Thursday USA Today published an article written by Bob Nightengale on Cardinals outfielder Tommy Pham and his strained relationship with his father. His father was in prison for most of his life and Pham had visited him just twice. The entire story is a little sad, but the quotes from Tommy Pham are inspiring (and some are just straight fire). Per Nightengale:

"There’s no need for anyone to feel sorry for me or anything like that," Pham says. "If anything, I felt like this kind of helped me. It made me stronger, made me tougher."

"I didn’t have anyone sugarcoating anything or babying me. All I had was myself, and that was fine by me. I had all of the motivation I needed."

With this attitude, Tommy Pham has been able to overcome adversity created through injuries, sparse playing time, and anything else that could be thrown his way. It was a shock to read that he had considered retiring from baseball.

"I’ve gone through so much adversity," Pham says, "but even after everything I went through, I never thought about quitting. Until this year. Hardly anyone knows this, but truthfully, I almost did. I had enough being back in the minors. I told two of my closest friends that I was done. I was ready to walk away from the game."

Pham is still up and on the major league team. So far he has been the team’s best hitter, leading all Cardinals with over 100 plate appearances in wRC+. It is apparent that Pham still has a lot left to give baseball, even if baseball has not seemed to give him much in return.

"Some guys are more privileged than other guys in this industry. And sometimes it comes at the expense of winning. No matter what happens to me, I know I left everything out there. I’m proud of that. And people don’t realize how refreshing it is to actually say that."

Tommy Pham is speaking his mind and people are going to listen. Pham has always been somewhat of a cult hero here at Viva El Birdos. We can only hope that this time he gets a real shot.

Because he has certainly earned it.

For Cardinals' Tommy Pham, void left by jailed father just one hurdle | USA Today

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