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Let’s watch a home run in the rain - A Hunt and Peck

I have done this every year.

Every year since the anniversary of Oscar Taveras’ debut, I have written a post dedicated to it. Every year without fail.

It is just that moment - that home run in the rain - it is just a perfect moment. Very rarely do we see the culmination of events align in such a way that one’s breath is literally stopped. Not in reality, not even in movies. It was a moment that seemed destined to happen. It was a moment frozen in time, even before Oscar’s untimely death made the moment a cherished memory from a life cut short. We had so much more things to see from Oscar, and yet, this is almost all we are left with. As if the universe or a higher power or whatever is in charge of these things knew in advance we would need something.

I will do this every year. How could I not?

Another writer has a much more in depth post scheduled with this same video in it . But you can just watch it again.

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