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Do not call him “Sexy Dexy” - A Hunt and Peck

Although, the name is pretty catchy...

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Miami Marlins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

With the callup of Magneuris Sierra came some consternation over how his name is pronounced. To avoid this anxiety and potential embarrassment, many people have taken to shortening it with a nickname like "Mags" or "Maggy". Of course that brought up a different set of problems. Is shortening a name really a nickname? Do people even like that?

A Twitter user asked Dexter Fowler for his opinion. And he gave it.

I could go for that. It has a nice rhyme and rhythm to it. It works. Of course, Dex does not actually want to be called that.

So what about shortening names? We still are not sure, but the rule of thumb is to just ask and according to reports, Magneuris likes "Mags". Works for me!

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