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So Trevor Rosenthal has a slider - A Hunt and Peck

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Or, at least, he did Tuesday night.

St. Louis Cardinals v Colorado Rockies Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The Cardinals suffered a bitter loss to the Worshington Nationals on Tuesday, but if there was a lone bright spot in the game it came in the form of Trevor Rosenthal. Rosey has had some troubles in the past - when he first arrived on the scene in 2013 he eventually cemented his status as closer using an electric fastball and displaying flashes of what could be an excellent changeup, but possible fatigue in 2014 saw him struggle, particularly with command of his fastball. He rebounded in 2015 and put up a season more in line with his 2013 performance, but saw another decline in 2016, perhaps due to injury, that resulted in his worst season to date - his walk rate and homeruns per flyball ballooned - and a demotion from his closer role.

So here we are in 2017, not knowing exactly what to expect from the hard-throwing righty, especially considering he started the season on the disabled list. For those with doubts, while one game is not nearly enough of a sample to allay all of them, it was enough to get pretty excited anyway. I mean, look at this:

Right? RIGHT? He is throwing a slider, particularly that slider! That pitch, combined with the sequencing of a 100 mph fastball thrown just prior what unhittable. It was beautiful. It was some other third thing.

Trevor Rosenthal looked darn good, which is an incredibly good thing because the bullpen needs some serious help.

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