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Let Yadier Molina meeting his life-sized bobblehead fuel your soul - A Hunt and Peck

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My heart...

The following is a hypothetical - but let’s be honest, pretty likely - conversation between you, beloved reader, and me, beloved... Scooter?

The Yadier Molina bobblehead is pretty cool, but there is something even cooler, friends.

What could that be?

A life-size version.

Wow that is pretty cool!

It is! But wait, it gets better!

What is better than a life-sized Yadier Molina bobblehead, Scooter?

Allow me to present to you: Yadier Molina meeting his life-sized bobblehead.

My heart is full.

Yadier Molina met his life-sized bobblehead and formed an instant friendship |

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