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A car ride with Adam Wainwright and Carlos Martínez... while singing - A Hunt and Peck

No words... just tears of joy.

Adam Wainwright and Carlos Martínez are two of the biggest, brightest personalities on the St. Louis Cardinals. Examples of their fun-loving spirit can be in this Hunt and Peck post from Friday afternoon. While from vastly different backgrounds, both Waino and El Gallo seem to approach baseball with the same competitiveness, passion, and love for life. They are always true to themselves, finding true happiness in doing what they love and not based on some rules unwritten by people like Ian Kinsler or Brian McCann or Cliff Lee that claim there is a right and wrong way to do things.

So what happens when Waino and Carlos are stuck in a car together? Magic.

Editor's Note: Sadly, the video has been removed. Trust us. It was awesome, and hopefully will reappear soon.

This is my new favorite thing ever. Hopefully they do this otra vez!

(In case you were like me and curious about the lyrics to the song Carlos played, here they are!)

Special thanks to @2xbirds for sending me this link!

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