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Mike Matheny on today’s players and analytics - A Hunt and Peck

Matheny discusses how today’s players use data.

Pittsburgh Pirates v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

David Laurila of Fangraphs posited an interesting question to Major League managers at Winter Meetings: Do today’s players understand the game better? He received a medley of answers, mostly in agreement that the game evolves and players must evolve with it to be successful. Mike Matheny gave his opinion on the subject:

“I think the modern-day player understands the modern-day game better. You just have to adjust and adapt...
We’re making those conversations happen with our front-office personnel to where the players see this as a resource, not just to the coaches, but also as an open resource to the players.”

The full quote, along with quotes from many other mangers, including some from the NL Central like Craig Councell and Clint Hurdle, can be found at Fangraphs.

While Mike Matheny may be the source of some consternation among Cardinals fans with what many consider too traditional of an approach to managing a baseball team, it appears he is open to using data and learning. How he uses it is another matter, but an open mind is a good start!

Managers’ View: Do Today’s Players Understand the Game Better? | FanGraphs Baseball

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