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So... Should the Cardinals pursue Manny Machado? - A Hunt and Peck

That answer is always yes, but how realistic would a deal be?

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St Louis Cardinals v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Manny Machado has been coveted by Cardinals fans for years. Every year it seems as if the Interwebs are full of “The Cardinals should acquire Manny Machado” articles. Just Monday John Fleming addressed this very fascination with slick-fielding Oriole from the Cardinal faithful. And every year it does not happen because it was unrealistic.

Well this year, it might not be. According Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic (article is behind a paywall) the Orioles are shopping their third baseman in search for young starting pitching:

Young pitching, huh? Well the Cardinals are pretty flush with that. Rumors had surfaced during the Giancarlo Stanton talks regarding Michael Wacha and Sandy Alcantara, to name a few names. And that does not even include the number one pitching prospect in baseball Alex Reyes, or now major league contributors Luke Weaver and Jack Flaherty.

Then there is the desire to move back to shortstop, which the Cardinals can readily accommodate. Paul DeJong, a natural third baseman, is playing out of position there already. He could either slide back over to third while Jedd Gyorko plays a utility role, or play a utility role while Gyorko starts a third. With the positional flexibility of DeJong, Gyorko, and Matt Carpenter, it would be easy to find at bats for all the infielders on a regular basis.

The downside to this possible acquisition, as John mentioned in article from Monday, is that Machado only has one year remaining on his current contract, so he would not be a long term solution unless the Cardinals are able to sign him to an extension. Machado seems very interested in free agency, however, so this looks unlikely. Of course, the team could try to resign him as a free agent but... I... I do not think I am ready for that emotionally yet.

So the question is: How much does one give up for a year of Manny Machado?

Rosenthal: Orioles shopping Manny Machado, but the star also wants to change position | The Athletic

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