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Hey Giants, could you just let the Cardinals have Stanton, please? - A Hunt and Peck

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Why do you even want Stanton anyway?

Miami Marlins v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Dear San Francisco Giants,

I hope all is well - I mean I know it really is not... not even sure why I opened with that. Your farm system is at least the bottom five of the league and your salary is staring down the barrel of the luxury tax. You won sixty-four games last year - tied with the Tigers for the worst in the league. Everything is not well. Except that gorgeous stadium. That is supposed to be lovely and one day I hope to see it.

Anyway, I am writing in regards to a shared interest of ours. His name is Giancarlo Stanton. See, the Cardinals are incredibly interested in him. They have the prospects to offer and were on the cusp of making the playoffs last year. Mr. Stanton could really do a lot to make the team into a serious contender, especially against the Cubs. The Cardinals also have the payroll flexibility to take on some of the massive contract owed to him. The two are a really good match, but I have been hearing reports you are trying to swoop in on him:

So I guess I do not understand why you would even want Mr. Stanton on your team? Like, I get why you would want him - he is a really good player, an MVP now and everything. It is just... Wouldn’t his salary really put a squeeze on your payroll? And would he really even help the team in any relevant way? Would the Giants suddenly become a contender with Stanton? Maybe I am wrong, but it just does not seem like a good move for you.

Basically what I am asking is, could you just, like, back off? For both our sake. Maybe try to sign him off the free agent market when he (hopefully) opts out in three years? I think that is your window.

Thanks in advance!


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