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Lance Lynn rejected qualifying offer from Cardinals - A Hunt and Peck

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As expected

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

In the year of 2017, the qualifying offer for Major League baseball was a one-year contract at $17.4 million. The qualifying offer is an offer clubs issue to impending free agents to show their desire to keep the player. If the player rejects the offer, the team losing that player then receives compensation in the form of an additional draft pick after the first round of the first year player draft during the following season. The idea is to keep balance in the league. A team loses a player due to free agency, it has a chance to draft another one. It makes sense on a basic level.

The most recent Cardinal to receive a qualifying offer was starter Lance Lynn. Lynn chose to test the open market rather than accept the one-year deal, as most expected. The Cardinals could still sign Lance Lynn to a contract, but the seems unlikely. Barring something very unusual, the Lance Lynn era in St. Louis is officially over. Shall we reflect on some fun Lance Lynn moments?

Of course we shall!

Thanks Lance!

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