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On this day in 2013, Allen Craig was obstructed - A Hunt and Peck

Thank you, Allen Craig.

World Series - Boston Red Sox v St Louis Cardinals - Game Three
oh no.

After injuring his foot against the Cincinatti Reds in the 2013 season, Allen Craig was never quite the same hitter. But before he rode off into the sunset, he had one last memory to give to the Cardinal faithful, one last gift. If this were a true Western, it would be the part like in The Outlaw Josey Wales where Josey, Lone Watie, and Laura Lee and her grandma take their stand on their farm against Capitan Terrill and his Kansas Brigade Redlegs. Wales is badly injured, but successful in defending the farm, and is able to live his life in peace after the locals he befriended tell the rangers looking for him that he is dead.

ANYWAY this is just like that excellent movie, okay? No, no - stop thinking about it. Because coming off the bench in Game 3 of the World Series after miraculously returning from a serious injury, Allen Craig delivered, but it came and a cost.

And the rest is history...

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