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The World Series starts today so whose side are you on? - A Hunt and Peck

The beginning of the end!

World Series - Boston Red Sox v St Louis Cardinals - Game Three

The World Series begins today! All the time and effort boils down to the last four to seven games. It is bittersweet. It is exciting, yet sad. It is the beginning of the end.

The Houston Astros will take on the Los Angeles Dodgers ensuring that the champion will be the best team from their respective league. As a Cardinals fan, which do you root for? To help, I have complied a list of pros and cons for each team

The Dodgers


  1. Clayton Kershaw if you are in to the best pitcher of maybe all time earning a World Series ring
  2. Yasiel Puig (if you like him)
  3. Talented young players
  4. Team is very well-constructed from top to bottom and someone should be rewarded for that


  1. But, but, it is LA
  2. Yasiel Puig (if you do not like him)
  3. Seriously LA - home of the turf Kroenkes
  4. Team is well-con$$$tructed

The Astros


  1. Carlos Beltran plays for the Astros
  2. Hurricane Harvey recovery sentiment
  3. Team was methodically built from the ground-up
  4. Carlos Beltran plays for the Astros, along with Jose Altuve, whose journey to the majors is a wonderful story of persevering against the odds, Justin Verlander, and Carlos Correa.


  1. The Astros used to be in the NL Central and old habits die hard
  2. These people’s homes and lives were destroyed - are we really going to say a baseball trophy can fix that?
  3. Team was methodically built from ground up... by tanking(... and brain draining the Cardinals, really)
  4. ... I got nothing, Carlos Beltran is awesome

There you have it - a list to get you started on your new rooting allegiances. So who do you want to win?

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