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Was the Cardinals' punishment regarding the hacking scandal fair? - A Hunt and Peck

What do you think?

MLB: General Managers Meetings Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Monday afternoon news broke that Major League Baseball had finally delivered the punishment the Cardinals were to face for the organization’s involvement in the illegal access of the Houston Astros' player database. Viva El Birdos site manager Craig Edwards discusses the situation in detail here. In short, the Cardinals will be fined $2 million by Major League Baseball. The team will also have to forfeit its first two picks of the 2017 First Year Player Draft, which are in this case the fifty-sixth and seventy-fifth pick, including, perhaps more importantly, the slot value attached to those picks.

The opinions on the punishment vary. Some say the Cardinals were not punished enough, as the team already lost its first round pick by signing Dexter Fowler and is losing a free draft slot that was given in the competitive balance lottery. Others say the penalty is harsh considering draft picks were taken at all. Then there of course are those that believe that if the opinions are this mixed the penalty was probably fair.

So what do you think? Answer in the poll below!

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