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Carlos Martínez wants to be a career Cardinal - A Hunt and Peck

And I want the Cardinals to make this dream closer to reality.

St. Louis Cardinals v Colorado Rockies Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Before signing autographs for the Cardinals annual Winter Warm-Up, Carlos Martínez was asked a few questions. With it recently announced that the Cardinals will go to arbitration with Martínez, along with pitcher Michael Wacha, the status of the contract extension talks with Carlos was one of the first topics discussed.

Of course, most players wish to spend their careers with one team for a variety of sensible reasons, making this statement no surprise. Regardless, it is comforting to hear that a very likeable, very talented player wants to spend his career wearing the uniform of your favorite team. While people lie, actions do not, and Carlos has done nothing but back up this statement since his arrival.

Work out a contract already, guys!

Cards appear intent on taking Martinez, Wacha to arbitration hearing | St. Louis Cardinals |

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