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We should stop talking about Thursday night’s “controversy” - A Hunt and Peck

And by we, I mean, like not really you, but other people.

i feel like we are not discussing this nearly as much as we need to
i feel like we are not discussing this nearly as much as we need to
Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Personally, I hate articles that try to tell the reader what to do or how to live or anything like that. You don’t know me, article; you don’t know my life. So, catchy headline designed to capture your attention aside, the following is not meant to be an attempt to control your life or shame you for doing a certain thing or some other third thing. Do what you want, friends; I will not try to stop you.

That being said, I think we should stop referring to Thursday night’s ending against the Reds as controversial. If you missed the game, Jon Snowzeliak recapped it for you here.

And here is the video of the "controversy" in question:

Why should we just stop talking about it? Here is the thing about controversy: it only exists as long as we acknowledge it. You do something with confidence, people generally do not question it. My mom and I once sat ourselves at a restaurant accidentally because that is what we thought we were supposed to do - anarchy, I know - and no one said a word to us. We just waltzed passed the host stand (which was NOT in plain view, mind you, a very easy mistake), found an empty table, and sat down. A waiter brought us our menus and we went on our way. Only later when we saw people being seated did we realize our mistake.

And that is what the Cardinals did last night. Yadier Molina hit the double, Matt Carpenter scored from first, and the team celebrated and left the field and no one questioned it until it was too late. Confidence - that is what it does.

We should follow the Cardinals lead. We need a consistent story, though. Here is what we will say:

"Matt Carpenter walked. Yadier Molina hit a double to left field. Matt Carpenter scored from first base. The game ended."

"But what about the groundrul-"

"Molina hit a double to left. Carpenter scored from first. The game ended."

"But, the Reds didn-"

"Matt Carpenter scored from first. The game ended."


"The game ended."



If I have learned anything from Thursday night’s game it is if you pretend a problem does not exist, it goes away. Nothing to see here folks. Controversy? What controversy?

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