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Aledmys Díaz attended memorial service for childhood friend José Fernández - A Hunt and Peck

Aledmys returned to the team in the middle of the game on Monday evening.

selfie taken by eduardo pérez with aledmys díaz and josé fernández at a spring training game

The tragic death of Marlins star pitcher José Fernández brought the baseball world to its knees. Whether the person knew the lovable Cuban mattered not, such was the magnitude of his personality and devastation felt by the loss. For those that did know José, the loss assuredly hit even harder.

Aledmys Díaz and José Fernández go way back - all the way back to little league where they were teammates. When asked about Aledmys back in July, José had this to say:

"I play baseball thanks to his dad. His dad is the one who told my mom to take me to the baseball field. I love him. I love his family."

On Monday morning Aledmys Díaz flew from Chicago to Florida to attend a private memorial to honor the life of his late childhood friend. Per Mark Saxon of ESPN:

The families remained close after both players defected to the United States. Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said Fernandez's family wanted to be around Diaz and his family.

"That was the place where he needed to be today. He doesn't need to be thinking about us right now," Matheny said. "He needed to get back there and be with his family and be with his friend's family and make sure that he's all in. When he gets back here, he'll be all in."

I think the silence from Dan McLaughlin and Ricky Horton after the Little League picture was shown during Monday’s broadcast says it all. It is heartbreaking.

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