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The Cardinals, Giants, and Mets are all tied - A Hunt and Peck

NLCS Game 7: St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

With the Cardinals and Giants win on Tuesday coupled with the Mets loss, the three teams have all moved into a three-way tie for two wild card spots.

But what if the season ended with the three teams still tied? Per Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle:

If the season ended today, based on tiebreak rules, the Cardinals would get first choice and likely would host the first game. The Mets then would decide if they wanted to travel to St. Louis for one of two possible games or sit back and play the loser of a Giants-Mets game at Citi Field, winner take all.

And per Mark Saxon of ESPN:

Just for argument's sake, if the teams were to stay jammed up like this 11 games from now, the likeliest scenario would be a Mets-Cardinals game at Busch Stadium on Oct. 3. The winner of that game would host the Oct. 5 wild-card game. The loser of the tiebreaker would travel to San Francisco with another chance to advance.

So the Cardinals own the tiebreaker of the three teams, then the Mets own the tiebreaker over the Giants. The Cardinals could ultimately play two extra games before the Wild Card play in game even begins.

This brings up an interesting question, though. Say you were the Mets: would you rather play the Cardinals knowing that if you lost you still had another chance to advance by beating the Giants or would you rather let the Giants face off against the Cardinals and then play the winner in a winner take all game? The former involves two games which might be nice do to all the strange things that can happen in one game, however playing just one game allows for the team to start its best pitcher, right? It is an interesting choice.

Chaos is fun and all, but after all that this writer just hopes the Birdos can win outright.

Giants need Bumgarner to be less confrontational, plus tiebreakers, lineups | San Francisco Chronicle

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