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Carlos Martinez is dominating hitters - A Hunt and Peck

We cannot stop talking about Carlos Martinez and really, why should we? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yesterday was Tsunamy Thursday, but who am I do limit Carlos Martinez discussion to just one day of the week? That is like trying to stop a high sea wave cause by an earthquake or a submarine landslide.

Joe discussed on Thursday Carlos Martinez and he rediscovery of his slider. The righty has apparently slowed down the velocity of the pitch and increased the horizontal movement. This gives hitters a very different look from his other offspeed pitch in his arsenal, his changeup.

Joe isn’t the only one impressed with Martinez. Al Leiter and Mark DeRosa from MLB Network discussed the young Cardinal starter recently. Both praise Martinez, DeRosa in particular remarking:

Stuff wise, he’s one of the best in the game. He really is, stuff wise, pure stuff. Get into the box against Carlos Martinez, 97 [mph] exploding two-seamer with a snap dragon breaking ball and a devastating 88 mile an hour changeup."

Carlos is becoming a top rotation pitcher for the Cardinals, perhaps just when the Cardinals need him the most. It is wonderfully exciting!

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