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Alex Reyes to start Sunday for Jaime Garcia - A Hunt and Peck

After a late season struggle, the Cardinals have made a change.

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As discussed on the Viva El Birdos podcast, after Tuesday’s game the Cardinals faced an interesting dilemma. Jaime Garcia struggled in his start, surrendering hard hits with each batter up, a story we had seen over and over again as of late, and was removed after only an inning and two-thirds pitched. Replacing him in the game was Alex Reyes. Reyes went on to throw for another four and one-third innings with four strikeouts and six walks, one hit, and no runs in what was basically the equivalent of a start. So, do the Cardinals start Garcia again, even thought he has struggled down the stretch of a tight postseason race, or is Alex Reyes the fix?

It appears the Birdos have weighed each option and made a decision as Reyes has been named the starter for Sunday’s gain against the Giants. Per Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

"After going into the game, pitching the way that he did, seemed like a pretty easy transition to give him that opportunity," Matheny said. "He’s continuing to impress us no matter what situation we do put him into, even when it starts to get hot in herre.* And, we feel he’s going to give us the best shot right now."

So Reyes is starting Sunday. Also of note, Trevor Rosenthal has been activated.

Cards choose Reyes over Garcia for Sunday's start | St. Louis Cardinals |

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