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Carlos Martinez & Tsunami Waves bring Vitilla to St. Louis - A Hunt and Peck

Carlos Martinez is fun. Vitiilla is fun. Let's have fun.

Tsunami Waves

Vitilla (also referred to as beteyah) is a game that first began in the Dominican Republic, where Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez was born. It is a version of street baseball, born of innovative and creative minds that were without the resources to obtain expensive baseball equipment. It was from there, with a bottle cap and a wooden broom handle, that Vitilla was born.

While different from baseball, Vitilla still involves the same skills, except on a more challenging scale, and naturally this game began developing baseball players. Oscar Taveras most likely grew up playing this very game.

Of course with its ease of access, excitement, and similarity to baseball, the game began to catch on. You might now see Vitilla tournaments being played across the United States. In fact, you can see one played right here in St. Louis on Saturday, September 10. Per the press release from Carlos Martinez’s foundation, Tsunami Waves:

On Saturday September 10th the St. Louis Cardinals will be going up against the Milwaukee Brewers, but there will also be a competition taking place right next door at Ballpark Village before that evening game. For the first time ever, Tsunami Waves Foundation & Ballpark Village proudly bring Vitilla to St. Louis. Vitilla is a "street baseball"/stickball tournament. This one will be featuring amateur teams and experienced MLB players from both the Cardinals and the Brewers...

...On September 10th Carlos Martinez founder of Tsunami Waves Foundation has invited 100 or so local teens to come and participate in a Home Run Derby, Pitching Contest, and a Vitilla Game Tournament. "This is really exciting for me, I played Vitilla when I was younger" Says Carlos Martinez, "I am so pleased to be able to bring the game to St. Louis and introduce to the fans a game that I love." The festivities begin at 10am and we invite all the fans to come out and watch.

You might also remember that this day happens to correspond with VEB Day 2016 Part 2: The Reckoning. Juuuuuuuuuuuuuust sayin’.

Come out and support Carlos Martinez and Tsunami Waves and watch an exciting, unique game!

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