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What is the best Cardinals uniform ever? - A Hunt and Peck

The Birds on the Bat have gone through a few changes over the years.

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Over at Sports on Earth, Will Leitch is conducting a survey on the best throwback uniform in Major League Baseball. The Cardinals uniform has long been regarded as one of the best in baseball (the 1960s version is a favorite of UniWatch), and since Will's poll asks the reader to consider all throwbacks, it made me curious as to which one is the best.

But I wanted to look deeper still. I do not just want to consider throwbacks. I want to consider all the uniform styles the Cardinals have worn over the years, at least the main ones. So for the next eleven Mondays, we will be putting the Cardinals uniform against itself to determine the best, and go over some of the uniforms' histories.

But first, the seeding: please vote for your favorite uniform in the poll below. Seeding will follow the number of votes each uniform receives with ties decided via coin toss. The top four uniforms will have a bye.

Vote below!

(H/T to with their comprehensive listing of the Cardinals uniform changes)

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