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TUESDAY TRIVIA: Can you name this Cardinal?

Let's test your knowledge of our favorite Birdos.

Today is Tuesday. "Tuesday" begins with a "T". "Trivia" also begins with a "T". It is an alliteration too good to pass up. Plus, Trivia is fun. So now, let's test your knowledge (or at least your ability to Google search).

Last month I challenged you with this Birdo:

Not only were many of you able to correctly guess this Birdo's identity, but also the event leading up to the photo...

Michael Wacha after striking out Juan Uribe to escape a bases loaded,one-out jam in the 2013 NLCS to hold the Cardinals' one-zero lead over Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers.

Congrats to all who answered correctly!

Now for today's challenge...

Who is this?


  1. He ranks first in all of Major League Baseball in doubles from 2013-2015 with 132
  2. He ranks second in all of Major League Baseball from 2013-2015 in runs scored with 326 trailing only Mike Trout who had scored 328 during that time.
  3. He's got him a gal in Pekin. She's a good ole gal, okay? She's sittin' there waitin' by the window fan on a long, hot summer day.


When, where, and following what was the above photo taken?

Spoiler-tag your answers!

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