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Battle of the Uniforms: 1981 versus 1903 - A Hunt and Peck

Can 1903 pull out the upset of all upsets?

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Last Monday I posited the question: What is the best Cardinals uniform ever?

Well friends, there is only one way to find out: Battle Royale.

So, to determine the best Cardinals uniform ever, I have, with your gracious assistance, created a bracket where each uniform will duke it out until we have a winner.

(Many of you have asked about the alternate jersey the Cardinals debuted in 2013. Don't worry, folks. I have a plan. Trust the system.)

Here is the bracket:

*second round matchups will be changed if necessary, depending on winner of first round game

This week we start with....

The Cardinals adopted the pullover style uniform in 1971, made of stretchy, synthetic material as opposed to the wool button-downs of the past. This uniform also featured "Sans-A-Belt" style pants featuring an elastic waistband, thus eliminating the need for a belt and inspiring the name. The Birds on the Bat are proudly displayed on the front with the iconic "Cardinals" script hanging from it. The Cardinals wore this design throughout the seventies, modifying it slightly in 1981 by changing the collar to a v-neck, as modeled in the photo above by the lovely Darrell Porter, which seems to make all the difference for this look.

Notable achievements:

  • This season marked the 100th season of the Cardinals playing in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Keith Hernandez won a Gold Glove
  • The Cardinals finished the season at 59-43, the best record in the NL East, but missed the playoff due to strange rules with the strike that tallied the teams record separately for each half of the season
The 1903 uniform is the team's very first after officially changing its name to the Cardinals. Although this uniform has buttons, it actually only has four, making it another pullover style. It features a large collar, typical of the fashion of the time. What truly sets this uniform apart is the "St. Louis" on the front as during this time most teams displayed the city name, not the team nickname. This uniform has the blocked "St. L" lettering in particular, which was a key feature of the logo at the time: the interlocking "STL". The uniform is modeled above by who I believe is Jimmy Burke, the third baseman for the 1903 team.

Notable achievements:
  • The Cardinals finished the season at 43-94, eighth (read: last) in the league
  • The team was lead by rookie Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown.  Why the nickname? Welll....
Vote below for the best!

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