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I will never stop cheering for David Freese - A Hunt and Peck

One-thousand heart emojis.

i miss u
i miss u
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Cardinals fans love David Freese. He is a World Series MVP, but not just any MVP, perhaps MVPiest of MVPs. He currently owns the record for the highest win expectancy added by any player in a World Series game. He led the Cardinals to a World Series championship, one the began with an incredible, improbable run to even make the playoffs to begin with. The miracle season was capped off by a championship win.

And did you know he is from St. Louis?

He is basically all of St. Louis's son. And even though your son plays on a division rival, you still cheer your heart out for him every time and then hope his pitcher gets shelled.

Is it sort of annoying? No. It is not. Keep doing it. And to people that say otherwise...


*Tuesday Trivia will resume tomorrow, Wednesday. I uhh... was not prepared. But I will be tomorrow!

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