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Awww look - tiny Aldemys and Jose! - A Hunt and Peck

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They know each other!


Aledmys Diaz had quite a night against Jose Fernandez. It made one wonder if the two, both being from Cuba, had met before. And while Cuba is an entire country full of people, the baseball world is still quite small. Surely the pair have met in some way or...

Wait, wait, wait, they were on the same little league team?

According to this photo provided to Jenifer Langosh of by Aldemys's dad, they were, and not just that, they were buddies, too!

Their days were consumed by games of catch, whether on the street where their houses stood just a few feet apart or on the field two miles from their homes. As they grew older, they talked about maybe playing together on the Cuban national baseball team...

For his father, Rigoberto, the trip allowed him an opportunity not just to watch his own son, but also Fernandez, whom he helped mentor years ago. Fernandez said he greeted Rigoberto with "one of the biggest hugs I've given somebody in a long time" upon seeing him.
"I play baseball thanks to his dad," Fernandez said. "His dad is the one who told my mom to take me to the baseball field. I love him. I love his family."

It is so adorable I'm gunna die!

Shoutout to longtime VEBer and excellent librarian @miss_k for the link!

Aledmys Diaz enjoys All-Star Cuban reunion |

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