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Alex Reyes might make his debut on Saturday and it is exciting - A Hunt and Peck

Or something else is happening, but this is funner.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

So it is pretty much common knowledge now that Alex Reyes was pulled early from his start on Tuesday. This could be the result of five things:

  1. Injury
  2. Precautionary
  3. Trade
  4. They just wanted to mess with us
  5. Promotion
Injury did not appear to be a factor and there was no noise of a trade. Let's assume no one was playing a sick joke, so that means we can turn our focus to the fifth one. Due the the double header on Tuesday the Cardinals have no starting pitchers available for Saturday's game against the Marlins, lest they use Jaime Garcia or Carlos Martinez on short rest. Of course, if Reyes was going to start that game on Saturday, pulling him early from his start of Tuesday makes sense.

Is it the right thing to do, though?

I am not a prospect guru here - I will leave that to the red baron - but from what I have gathered, the Cardinals would like Reyes to put innings on his arm in preparation for next year, which has been the main factor in keeping him in AAA despite the team's need for quality bullpen arms. A spot star would not hinder that goal, however, and actually seems like a kinda perfect time to call him up and see where he is at, no?

If he is ready, use him. We all know there is unfortunately only so many pitches in an arm - let's see them in action on the big stage.

Plus, I just really wanna see this wearing the Birds on the Bat:

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