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Carlos Martinez visits Dominican Republic over All Star Break - A Hunt and Peck

Carlos Martinez was very busy this past week.

try to tell me this is not the most precious thing ever
try to tell me this is not the most precious thing ever
Rob Carr/Getty Images

Carlos Martinez did not make the all star team this year (though he has still led quite an impressive 2016 campaign - also you should take a peak at Adam Wainwright's numbers). Though he did not particpate in the All Star Game, which is a real tragedy because that means we missed another potential moment like this

that does not mean he was not busy over the week. In fact, he might have been the busiest player of all. During the All Star Break Carlos Martinez flew out to the Dominican Republic on behalf of his foundation, Tsunami Waves, and gave school supplies to children, starting with the home town of the late Oscar Taveras, Puerto Plata.

Carlos is the best.

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