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Matt Carpenter was left off the Sporting News top fifty players list, but that means more of him for us - A Hunt and Peck

Sporting News conducted a ranking of the top 50 players in baseball and...

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Wait, where is Matt Carpenter?

This is what many were saying as they glanced over the Sporting News top 50 Major League Baseball players. I imagine these people glanced over the list once, twice, maybe three times more to ensure they had not just missed his name. Still, he was no where to be found.

I, too, was startled over his omission. Since becoming a starter in 2013, Carpenter has been one of the best players in baseball, the sixth best by fWAR among qualified hitters, in fact, just above Miguel Cabrera, who was seventeenth on the list. Bernie Miklaz of 101 ESPN further lays out Carp's case in his recent article:

Carpenter's rankings among qualifying MLB hitters this season:

  • 20th in the majors in Fan Graphs' version of WAR (2.8).
  • Tied for 7th the Baseball Reference version of Offensive WAR (3.2).
  • 2nd in the majors in weighted runs created plus (wRC+) at 162.
  • Tied for second in OPS+ at 160.
  • 17th in Total Runs. That's a Bill James stat combines offense, defense and base-running — with the value of a player's defensive position factored into the equation.
  • Tied for third in RC/27 at 8.35 runs. That's another Bill James stat. Explanation: if a player could take every at-bat for his team in a game, how many runs would his team score? With Carpenter the answer is 8.35 runs. That's a big number. So far this season only David Ortiz (9.01) and Anthony Rizzo (8.62) top Carpenter in RC/27.

On top of that, in his career Carpenter has been a two-time All Star, a Silver Slugger, and earned MVP votes.

So it is weird, right?

As I sat and tried to figure this out, I realized something. It does not matter - in fact, this is better. Matt Carpenter has been one of my favorite players for awhile (I love walks). I liked him before it was cool and I do not want people who do not truly appreciate him getting their grubby mitts on him.

Because he is mine ours. And if some people do not value the beauty in moments like this

they don't deserve him. So keep Carp off your arbitrary lists. That just means there is more of him for me us.

A Fresh Serving of Stupid: Matt Carpenter Excluded From Top 50 List |

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