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Carlos Martinez remembers Oscar Taveras on his birthday - A Hunt and Peck

Oscar would have turned twenty-four.

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June 22 marked the fourteenth anniversary of Darryl Kile's untimely death. Occurring in the midst of the season, it was a death that shocked and saddened the baseball word. An athlete in the prime of his life was gone with no apparent cause, no reason. It did not make sense - it still doesn't. And now, though the circumstances were quite different, it is difficult to remember Kile and not be reminded of another tragedy that occurred just over twelve years later.

It has been nearly two years since El Fenómeno Oscar Taveras, along with his girlfriend, Edilia Arvelo, were tragically taken from this earth. Time, of course, has helped lessen the sting of the loss, but it never goes away, not truly. There will always be something - an eerily similar vicious left-handed swing, a young super-star blossoming in the way Oscar was not allowed to - not destined to, the anniversary of his debut, the anniversary of his birth - that coldly slaps the memories back. Oscar Taveras was a baseball player, a good one - a potentially great one, he was a father, he was a son, and he was a friend.

And, like Kile, he was taken way too soon.

Carlos Martinez remembers his late friend on his birthday and posted a photo on Instagram to commemorate it.

Oscar would have been twenty-four years old on June 19.

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