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Everyone has a favorite Mike "Shannonism" - A Hunt and Peck

We might not know what is going on during the actual game, but we will still get a good laugh or two.

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Since I do not have TV, I listen to a lot of Cardinals games on the radio. I find it relaxing after a long day. Plus, I can work on other things and still have a decent grasp on what is going on.

As you might know, I am firmly on Team Shannon. I understand that half the time I will have no clue what is going on, but I have long accepted that. With Mike Shannon, it is something more than just calling the game. It is in his tone, his little chuckle (heh heh heh), his strange anecdotes. He is a likeable person, someone who never takes himself too seriously, and he seems to really enjoy what he does.

As Shannon has gotten older, his time on the radio has been reduced to basically just home games. I miss him. So, in my nostalgic state I took an Internet visit to ole Just click Mike Shannon to generate a new "Shannonism". Here are some of my favorites!

(After a Colby Rasmus double) Woo! He's whistlin' round there like he's on his way to the bacon patch!

And that youngster will leave the stadium with a souvenir today. Not a ball, but a nice looking bruise.

He's madder than a pig caught under a barnyard gate.

The outfield is deep and playing him straight-away and the infield is the same except first, second, third and short are playing him to pull.

He hails from the island of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is an island, isn't it? Well, just try to swim off of it and I guess you'll find out.

He was trying to hit a three run homer with the bases empty. To my knowledge, no one in the history of the game has ever done that. But it could happen someday. You never know in this world of baseball.

(After a Ryan Braun home run) He's workin' us over like a pair of kissin' cousins!

Foul ball! Oh and it lands right in that lady's bush. (long pause) And by Busch, of course, I'm referring to her ice cold beer. That sounds pretty good right about now.

Pitcher and catcher talk it over. He says, "Look, we're up by six. If he wants to steal third, let him. If he wants to steal home, let him. If he wants to steal from the cookie jar, he can have that, too."

I wish you folks back in St. Louis could see this moon.

There is over 100 different quotes on the site - I could spend all day there.

What is your favorite Shannonism?

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