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Adam Wainwright is all of our dads (and we love him for it) - A Hunt and Peck

He is the daddiest dad that ever dadded.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This past Sunday was Father's Day, so I visited with my father and his father. In the morning we went out to breakfast to celebrate. While at the restaurant we saw several other dads and their families. One father in particular stands out in my mind because he was wearing a shirt with the hand prints of his three children on it and their names. It brought back memories of a t-shirt my father used to wear on Father's Day. Then I realized, maybe hideous shirts are what Father's Day is all about. Father's Day is a day to celebrate our dads, dads who wear socks with sandals and pants in the middle of a summer heatwave, and if not pants then khaki cargo shorts. It is only right that we show how much we love him by giving him another article of clothing that no one but a dad would ever have the attitude to pull off.

Adam Wainwright has adorable children and now he has an adorable shirt.

Side note: I know the blue jerseys were for a good cause (all proceeds from the sales of these jerseys go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation), but here is the exchange I had with my father about them:

Dad: Is there something wrong with our TV?
Me: No, the lettering is just blue.
Dad: Why?
Me: It is for Father's Day. 
Dad: Oh... Well, you know what I would like for Father's Day?
Me: ... What? 
Dad: To be able to tell the teams apart.

So, I do not think he was a fan.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday!

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