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Carlos Martinez visits Cardinals Kids Cancer Center and discusses giving back - A Hunt and Peck

Carlos continues to give back by visiting the Cardinals Kids Cancer Center.

St. Louis Cardinals

Carlos Martinez is a treasure. Because he is a treasure, I have dedicated every Thursday Hunt and Peck post to discussing how he is a treasure, naming it "Tsunamy Thursday" in his honor.

A few weeks ago, Carlos visited the Cardinals Kids Cancer Center to spend an afternoon talking, painting, and playing air hockey with the children there. Carlos has made a considerable effort to give back the community in St. Louis and his birthplace, the Dominican Republic. He feels grateful for everything he has been able to achieve and wants to "pay it forward":

A lot of us, the majority, 90 percent, came from poor families, we had to make many sacrifices, and perhaps we didn't have anyone to help us in the past.

Now as human beings, now that we have the opportunity to help a lot of kids, a lot of people, we do it. We do a lot of things that come from our hearts. It's not because now that we're professional athletes now we're going to help a lot of people and a lot of families, but it's because it comes from our hearts and we see it as a way to help someone who reminds us of our past selves.

For more about Carlos Martinez and his mission through Tsunami Waves, visit

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