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Adam Wainwright makes his case for the Home Run Derby - A Hunt and Peck

Waino adds his name to the growing list of pitchers interested in the contest this year.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pitchers are rarely known for their hitting prowess. While some pitchers are better hitters than most, more often than not the last position player on the bench will be a superior hitter than a pitcher.

That does not mean pitchers do not take a great deal of pride in their hitting ability. In fact, a small wave of pitchers have come forward requesting admission (somewhat jokingly, of course) into the Home Run Derby. Adam Wainwright is the most recent pitcher to make his case:

And his case is not too bad:

A 0.271 0.285 0.556 156
B 0.391 0.261 0.652 138

Player A is Matt Carpenter. Player B is Adam Wainwright.

And compared to his fellow pitchers in 2016, he fares ever better:

Adam Wainwright 0.391 0.261 0.652 138
Madison Bumgarner 0.206 0.147 0.353 45
Jake Arrieta 0.138 0.276 0.414 107

I think Waino would agree that he probably does not actually belong in the Home Run Derby, but as far a pitchers go this season, he might be the closest to qualifying.

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